What to do when a loved one passes away

What to do when a loved one passes away.

Heartfelt Funerals would like to express our sincere sympathy to you and your family.

It is difficult to know what to do first or who to contact when someone has passed away. This will depend on where and how the person dies.

Heartfelt Funerals can guide you through this process, regardless of the time or circumstances surrounding the death.

If someone has died of natural causes at home, in hospital or an aged care home, in most cases that persons treating doctor will write a medical certificate of cause of death.  We are then able to take your loved one into our care.

In some cases, particularly if the person has died suddenly or unexpectedly and a medical certificate cannot be issued, the coroner will be notified and police will attend and organise transport of your loved one.  You will be notified of your loved ones release, we are able to arrange the funeral service before this is given, as it may take a number of days before we can take your loved one into our care.

Death at home:
The first person you should contact is their treating doctor and if they can confirm the cause of death, they will issue the cause of death certificate.  While you are waiting for the doctor to arrive, please call us at Heartfelt Funerals and we can arrange to take the deceased into our care at a time that is suitable to you. 

Death in a hospital or nursing home:
Generally nursing staff are able to help you with the process and will make arrangements for the doctor to issue a medical cause of death.  Please contact Heartfelt Funerals as soon as possible so we can begin to liaise with the hospital or nursing home to make the necessary arrangement. Hospitals or a nursing home, their family, friends and other support people are normally able to spend time with them.

Sudden death and the coroner:
The coroner must be notified if death is of unnatural causes, or the cause of death is unknown.  The coroner investigates the death to find out the identity of the cause of death and may request an autopsy.  A police officer will organise collect of information and organise transportation of your loved one to the Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services at Coopers Plains. This procedure may slightly delay the funeral arrangement until the necessary clearance is obtained. Contact Heartfelt Funerals as soon as possible so we can liaise with the Coroners Court on your behalf and the necessary arrangements to take your loved on into our care as soon as we are able to.

Organ or tissue donation:
If your loved one has passed away in hospital, you may want to consider organ or tissue donation.  This helps save and improve the quality of live for many Australians. For further information about donation, please visit the Donate Life website www.donatelife.gov.au or contact Donate Life Queensland on 31762350