Dove Release

The releasing of white doves at your loved one’s Funeral or Memorial Service can give a feeling of calmness and peace. To some a white dove represents the spirit of the loved one who has passed on and as the dove is released into the sky it symbolizes the final farewell as it journeys home to its final resting place. A special touch to your loved one’s final farewell for you and your Family and all those attending the service. Providing a heartfelt experience that will be remembered by everyone.
If your loved one’s service is being held outdoors or at the graveside the dove release can be coordinated during any part of the service. If the service is indoors the dove release would be the final farewell outdoors at the completion of the service.
The Doves are release either by hand or from a beautiful cage; you may choose to have a piece of music playing or a poem of your choice being read during the release.
Heartfelt Funerals are happy to discuss a Dove release at you loved ones service when you met with them.

I’m sending a dove to Heaven
with a parcel on its wings ….
Be careful when you open it
it’s full of beautiful things.
Inside are a million kisses
wrapped up in a million hugs ….
To say how much I miss you
and send you all my love.
I hold you close within my heart
and there you will remain ….
To walk with me throughout my life
until we meet again.