Essential Care, No Service

Non-attended Cremation, Direct Cremation or Run Out – it all means the same thing. Some in the industry call it “No frills” but whatever they call it, it is entirely up to the individual families and what the deceased has requested.  This can be a positive choice and very rarely the result of financial difficulties. It by no means takes away the grieving process the family and loved one’s feel, but leaves it up to them as to how they will celebrate their loved one’s life. Possibly less traditional but more meaningful and appropriate to them.

The coffin is constructed of MDF but Families are more than welcome to purchase any coffin from our extensive range if they prefer.

There is no formal Funeral Service but a Funeral Director will meet with you to finalise the required legal documentation to register your loved ones death.

Paperwork and payment is required to the crematorium 48 hours before the cremation takes place. Your loved one’s ashes are generally available with 2 days. Heartfelt Funerals use two external crematoriums, one on the north side and the other on the south.  Both have good reputations within the industry and experienced staff. We are unable to choose the time, and sometimes the date of the cremation although we will always ask you whether there is a special date such as birthdays or anniversaries you’d like us to avoid.

You are able to hold a Farewell or Memorial Service as soon as you like. Some families prefer to do this once their loved one’s ashes are returned, often choosing an urn to place your loved one’s Ashes in.  Others will arrange a Farewell Service that includes scattering the ashes in a favourite location.

It might be more suitable to hold your loved one’s Service at a later date giving Families greater flexibility. This can then take place weeks later if needed.

There are many options for scattering or keeping your loved ones Ashes.

Heartfelt Funerals staff are more than happy to discuss this further when they meet with you.