Heartfelt Funerals  staff work very closely with their florists who are passionate about their work and love the challenge of creating exquisite floral designs.  These can range from traditional to the more modern or contemporary arrangements.  They are able to source a very wide variety of seasonal blooms throughout the year.  Your favourite flowers and colours are encouraged.  Each flower arrangement will be tailored to your wishes.

The following may help you choose what is right for you;
Budget – How much you would like the spend
Style – do you want the coffin or casket to be covered in flowers or something smaller or different altogether.
Colour – This can depend of the age of the person, if they have lived a long and happy life, you may want to choose something colourful.  If someone has passed away suddenly or is young, you might want to stick to mostly whites, or pale, soft colours, or have their favourite colour.

Some families request that “in lieu of flowers a donation is made to a particular charity or foundation of their choice”.  Heartfelt Funerals can organise the charity or foundations donation envelopes for you.

Families may also choose to bring personal items that belonged to your loved one.  These can be placed on and around the coffin or casket including photos, ornaments, blankets, motor bike, helmet, chainsaw, bale of hay, sugar cane or any other item of importance. Once again this is a very individual choice but only limited by your imagination.

There are several different designs of flowers that can be used on top of the coffin or casket.  Each design can be created in various sizes or using different flowers and colours. 

Please feel free to speak to one of Heartfelt Funerals staff members if you would like to discuss your specific flower needs.

The History behind Funeral Flowers
Today flowers are used at funerals as a visual expression of our sympathy, grief, love and respect to the deceased, but this was not always the case.

In early times, fragrant funeral flowers were placed on and around the casket of the deceased to perfume the area and ward off the smell of the decaying body. Luckily, we found a better way to manage the odour, but the flower trend stayed.

Mid-Western funeral practices then saw the role of ‘Flower Ladies’ develop, a role as important as acting as a pall bearer. Six ladies who were usually close friends or family of the deceased would carry the flowers into a flower vehicle and help to set them up at the cemetery. 

However this role faded and today everyone is welcome to express their feelings through flowers by bringing a flower arrangement that embodies their relationship and feelings towards the deceased and their family.