Babies and Children Service

It is a question nobody should ever have to ask: “How do we plan our Childs Funeral?”

Over the next few days, you will be making important decisions about your Childs Funeral or Memorial Service. This will be your special way of honouring your Child and giving them a loving goodbye.

You will have many questions and wondering where to begin. Heartfelt Funerals  will help you and your Family in any way we can. Together we will talk through your options and what really matters to you and your Family. Making these final decisions may take some time and usually there is no rush.  If you need more time to think, take the time to think.

When it comes to the Service, there is no right or wrong way.   It can be as simple as gathering with a few loved ones at the graveside, to as formal as a Traditional Funeral, and anywhere in between. Whichever you choose personally will honour your child and bring loved ones together to support you as you grieve,

Saying goodbye to your child is a very personal and private thing. Ask for what you need, even if you think it won’t make sense to others. Heartfelt Funerals will support your needs and choices.

Do you know where to get help?  Here are some people you can call:

https://www.sandsqld.org.au/   Ph: 1300 072 637 Sudden and Neonatal Death Syndrome

https://www.compassionatefriendsqld.org.au/    Ph: 3254 2657

https://paradisekids.org.au/  Ph: 5574 6853

https://griefline.org.au/    Ph: 1300 845 745

https://www.lifeline.org.au/   Ph: 13 11 14

https://rednose.com.au/     Support Line 1300 308 307  or 3849 7122 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome