Catering or Light Refreshments

Funerals often bring people together who may not have seen each other for some time, refreshments after the service can provide an opportunity for people to reconnect. We often hear family members say “we only ever get together at weddings and funerals”.  You should consider the ages of those attending and the proximity to where you have held the funeral service and the ease and availability of parking. Most importantly you should remember that those attending your loved ones service have come to offer their love and support at a difficult time in your life.  Also remember just because your loved ones service may coincide with lunch time, doesn’t mean you are expected to provide a meal.

Most families choose to serve light finger food; this allows guests to mingle, exchanging memories and stories of your loved one. For some people it is a chance to counterbalance the grief of losing a loved one with the joy of having known them in the first place.

Heartfelt Funerals has an external caterer who can provide staff to service your guests at any private location including your residence, local hall, park or any other location you choose.  You may also choose to do it yourself at home. Also consider asking family and friends to contribute, as they are usually only too pleased to help.

It is difficult to know how many guests will attend your loved ones service; Heartfelt Funerals can give you guidance on estimating quantities, locations and other options in the area.

If your service is at a Crematorium or Church, they will have catering facilities and menus for you to choose from. The local Church Ladies do a remarkable job and provide beautiful catering on the church grounds.

If your loved one has been a member of a local Bowls Club, Golf Club, RSL or any other association, you may choose to have your refreshments there.

Some Families choose to have private time after the service. Heartfelt Funerals encourages each family to do what they feel is right for them and not go with the pressure of what others expect.

It is also nice to have some of your loved ones favourite foods or treats. Lollies and Tim Tam biscuits seem to be a popular choice. A family once had an ice-cream truck serving soft serve ice-cream after their loved ones service in the Church carpark. It put a smile on many faces, creating a positive memory for all of those who attended.

Heartfelt Funerals are more than happy to discuss your catering options when we meet with you.