Burial Service

Choosing between a burial and cremation is a very personal decision.
Burial is a traditional form of interment which allows a loved one to be remembered with the placement of an individual plaque, headstone or monument. This will depend on your location choice within the Cemetery of a lawn, lawn beam and monumental grave.
A monumental grave are generally located in a separate part of the cemetery where monuments are permitted to be erected. These traditional graves allow the most scope to remember your loved one in an individual way.
A lawn grave is situated in a lawn section of a cemetery and is marked by a bronze, granite or marble headstone.
You may choose to be under a tree or close to the grave of other family members. In most modern cemeteries graves can accommodate 3 burials and several sets of ashes.The cost of burial can vary dramatically, depending on the Local Councils fees or Cemetery Trust fees. There may be a burial site already owned by the deceased, therefore the cost will be for a reopen only.

Some reasons why people choose Burial are:
A grave in a cemetery is a permanent place that can be visited to honour and remember your loved one for generations to come. This is then not limited to who can visit.
• Your loved one may have pre-purchased their burial location, saving you money. Most cemeteries now allow more than one interment, allowing other family members to be placed when their time comes.
• Without a permanent resting place, cremated remains could be lost, broken, or stolen.
Keep in mind that it’s also an option to bury ashes in a cemetery or memorial park, which offers cremation with the same benefits of a permanent resting place.

Your Service Options:
Non attended Burial
– Graveside Service only
– Funeral Service at a location of your choice followed by a Graveside Committal
– Funeral Service at a location of your choice followed by a non-attended Burial

Heartfelt Funerals staff are more than happy to discuss this further when they meet with you.