Cremation Service

Cremations are on the rise and there are many factors involved in this trend, from cost to claustrophobia, and religious or cultural considerations.  There are also uniquely specific reasons why more people are choosing cremation.

While it can be a difficult subject to talk about, it is necessary.

You should make time to discuss your preference with your family so that they are able to confidently carry out your wishes without the stress of having to guess what you would have wanted.

Your Service Options:

  • Cremation without a Service
  • Memorial Service held at a time suitable to you and your family. Your loved ones Cremation can take place prior to, during or after the Memorial Service. If prior you are able to have their ashes present at the service.
  • Funeral Service with your loved one present at a location of your choice including a Crematorium or Church, with Cremation following.

Keep in mind that it’s also an option to bury ashes in a cemetery or memorial park, which offers cremation with the same benefits of a permanent resting place.

  • Cremation allows remains to be scattered at a place of significance in accordance with a loved one’s or Families wishes. Create your own memorial at home or on your family property.
  • A cremation without a service which can be followed by a memorial service held at a later date, not only saves money but also gives families greater flexibility as to timing for their loved ones memorial. This can then take place weeks later if needed.
  • Your loved ones cremated remains can be taken by the family if they ever relocate or move overseas, that way you are always able to keep them close.
  • If your loved one would like to be returned to their place or country of birth, or who have passed away while a long distance from home, cremation offers a more straightforward and cost effective way to return your loved one home, rather than a full and expensive repatriation process.

There are many options for scattering or keeping your loved ones cremated remains. The following options may help you decide on what is best for you.

  • Multiple choices of Keepsake urns
  • Interment or Columbarium Niche
  • Cremation Jewellery
  • Scattering at sea or favourite fishing spot.
  • Skydiving or out of a small plane
  • Ocean bed cemetery memorial dive site – talk of one being created on the Gold Coast
  • Fireworks or Launched into space – google Celestis Space Burial Memorial
  • Tattoo using ashes in the ink
  • Crystal Remembrance Egg
  • Cremation diamonds
  • Cremation Art
  • Plant as a memorial tree

Heartfelt Funeral staff will be more than happy to discuss any of these options when they meet with you.