Memorial Service

A Memorial Service is similar to a Funeral Service in celebrating your loved one’s life that takes place after your loved one has been Buried or Cremated. There is no body present but you may wish to have your loved one’s Ashes with you on the day.

The Traditional Memorial Service is held at a Crematorium, Funeral Companies Chapel or Church. It often follows exactly the same format as a Funeral Service except that there is no coffin.   A Clergy or Celebrant normally officiates.

A more contemporary Memorial Service is open to interpretation giving flexibility which is often more relaxed than a Funeral, with less traditions and the ability to personalise the service with a number of speakers, storytelling. A family member or friend could officiate or you may still choose to have a Clergy or Celebrant.

The Service location may then have a more personal significance, such as a favourite beach, park, family home, or other locations such as a favourite restaurant, community hall or sporting venue. It can also accommodate different times of the day or night and be held on a Saturday or Sunday.

When deciding the date, you may need to take into consideration the time frame for Family and Friends travelling interstate or from overseas. Some Families prefer to wait until the anniversary of their loved one passing. The choice is entirely up to the Family and possibly your loved one’s wishes.

There may be a formal element to a Memorial Service that can include music and remembrances, often light-hearted, from Family, Friends and Colleagues. A photo presentation of you loved one which can be played before during and after the Service providng a wonderful visual tribute. Their favourite music play list can also be paying quietly in the background.

Heartfelt Funerals  are able to arrange your loved ones Memorial Service but some families wish to organise it themselves.  This is more than okay and can give you a sense of achieving a final gift for your loved one and also keeps your mind busy at a time when you may not want time to think. We are more than happy to guide you if needed and provide singular items rather than organising the whole service.  This could just be the flowers or the Orders of Service.

If you would like to arrange a Memorial Service to celebrate the life of your loved one, please contact us to discuss the options available to you.